Frequently Asked Questions

1. So what is Clear Vision Tv? This is a service that allows you to watch live tv via the internet. High Speed internet is required.

2. What devices can I use this on? You can use this on any android box, firetv, firetv stick, Appletv, Xbox One, cell phones, tablets, laptops. Basically anything that you can load an app onto OR has a web browser. Will not work with Roku.

3. What channels do you get? View the channel list by Clicking Here Channel List

4. How much does it cost? Just $24.95 per month for 1 connection. If you need more connections then it is $29.95 for 2,$34.95 for 3 and $44.95 for 4. 

5. I dont have a device, where can I get one? sells fire tv devices as well as android boxes. Your local walmart and best buy and target also sells them.

6. How do I sign up? You can visit our online store by Clicking Here. You will be able to purchase service and devices in our shop. 

7. What if I need help or support? Support is provided through via email by using our contact us form on the home page of the website OR you can message us on facebook.